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Bubble Watch - Big East Bubble Team Will Not be in March Madness

Syracuse will not be in the big dance after there dreams of playing in the NCAA Tournament ended with a loss to Villanova 82 to 63 in the first round of the Big East tournament. The game served as a bubble team elimination game for playing during March Madness as both Syracuse and Villanova likely needed a win to secure an at large berth in the tournament. Syracuse with a win likely would have been in the tournament, however with the loss they will be assuredly playing in the NIT. Villanova despite the convincing win had more work to do to get into the tournament than Syracuse and likely needs to win in the next round of the Big East tournament, where it will play the number one seed in the tournament Georgetown (AP #9). Villanova lost to Georgetown in last years second round game. Villanova was 20-11 overall and 9-9 during conference play during the regular season. New poll will Villanova make the big dance. Please leave comments why or why not.
The Syracuse loss helps bubble teams like Ohio State's chances of making the tournament because Syracuse was likely in the tournament had they won. For Villanova to have a strong chance of getting in the tournament they will need to beat Georgetown.


  1. Why would Villanova need to do more work that Syracuse to get in the Tourney? Nova has a better record, a better record against the top 50, a better record head to head, a higher seed in the Big East Tourney, more significant wins, and less bad losses. Oh yes, lest we forget that Nova was robbed in TWO games with bad calls with less than 0:00.2 of a second left. Word of advice, if this site just regergitates the mindless banter of the talking basketball heads, and doesn't do real research on its own, no one will visit it.

  2. This time of year almost every team feels that they have lost a couple of close games to bad calls. Villanova could get in without another win, however it would take teams like Arizona not to get a big win. Syracuse had wins against Georgetown and Marquette which we feel put them slightly ahead of Villanova.


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