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Bubble Watch Update - Saturday's Newest NIT Bound Teams

Saturday's Big Bubble Game Run Down (We will do a run down of the Big Bubble Games every night from here until the tournament)

Pittsburgh beat Syracuse 82 to 72. The loss puts Syracuse in real trouble of an NIT bid.
Connecticut beat West Virginia 79 to 71. With a 20 and 9 record West Virginia still has work left to do to get into the big dance.
Mississippi State beat Florida 68 to 59. Good win for Miss. is Florida joining Ohio State in the NIT?
Georgia Tech beat Wake Forest in overtime 87 to 79. Say hello to the NIT Wake Forest, they just could not lose to a team like Georgia Tech.
In a stunner Northeastern beat George Mason 70 to 59. The shoe does not fit for George Mason this year.
Oklahoma beat Texas A&M 64 to 37. Big win for OK, A&M 37 points wow!
Rhode Island beat La Salle 91 to 85. To bad for Rhode Island a win against La Salle does not really push the old RPI up much.
Miami just beat Virginia 95 to 93. Hey Miami did what they had to do.
Baylor beat Missouri 100 to 89. Baylor also got the job done, and they are in good shape.

Any thoughts about any of tonights games??? Which teams do you think are done???

1 comment:

  1. gators need to have, at a minimum, .500 record in the sec - including sec tourney games, to get in. why? i think, all things being equal, gators should get a benefit of the doubt given their recent ncaa titles.

    we the gators beat the vols, i think that should get us in. we need to win 1 of 2 to finish the regular season and then 1 in the sec tourney.

    otherwise, i fear we are NIT bound. very poor SoS hinders us and really, very few quality wins.

    if this resume was anyone else - w/out recent ncaa success, it would be an NIT quality resume.


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