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Cheater Watch - Should Kelvin "Cell Phone" Sampson ever coach college basketball again.

Earlier we asked if Bobby Knight should ever coach a team from a major conference again, right now it is close but people are saying no. The reason we asked that question was as a followup to which former Indiana coach would you rather have coaching your team in the NCAA tournament and Knight is currently winning in a landslide. It has been brought to our attention that it would be wise to ask if Kelvin "Cell Phone" Sampson should ever coach again. While it might seem unlikely that he would ever coach again keep in mind there are other coaches on the DI landscape that have taken a hard fall from grace, and returned to coach again. First Bobby Knight coached again after taking a pretty hard fall from grace at the same Indiana. There is Todd Bozeman who was shown the door out of coaching for 8 years by the NCAA for admitting to giving a Cal recruit money, which while all cheating is bad seems worse than Sampson's crimes. Bozeman is currently coaching at Morgan State in Baltimore where he has proven he still coach bringing his team to a 19-9 record.
Other examples of coaches coming back after a major rules infraction or other personal problem are Jerry Tarkanian who has traveled the basketball landscape for years, with teams left with rules infractions after some winning seasons. Another Big Ten coach who was fired for rules infractions is Steve Fisher's who was fired from Michigan for booster's paying atheletes. Fisher was out of coaching for a couple of years but went on to be coach of San Diego State, where he has toiled at the mid-major level for the last 9 years.
So should we expect to see Sampson back walking the college basketball sidelines anytime soon now that he is a two time loser. I would venture it is going to be a while, because the common thread all those other coaches shared was coaching experience in the NCAA Final Four and quality tournament winning percentages. These mid-major programs hiring coaches of questionable ethics are looking for the man to bring there team to the big dance and win a few games putting there program on the college basketball map. Something tells me we will see ex Ohio State coach Jim O'Brien coach again before Sampson.
So you ask do all coaches who cheat get to coach again well no they do not we are still waiting to here from former Minnesota Gopher head Clem Haskins who was fired many years ago for multiple players in the program cheating on tests. Apparently having players cheat at a University is the real no no because Clem had taken his teams to the big dance.
Will Kelvin "Cell Phone" Sampson ever coach in college basketball again, vote in the poll! leave comments in the comment box!

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