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Poll Watch - North Carolina Returns to # 1 in both polls

In the AP poll and ESPN/USA Today coaches poll North Carolina returned to number 1. Tennessee after there loss last week to Vanderbilt falls to number 4 in both polls. Despite the campaigne of Bruce Pearl for Tennessee to remain at number 1 they picked up only 1 vote in the AP poll.

The current AP Poll is as follows: 1. North Carolina, 2. Memphis, 3. UCLA, 4. Tennessee, 5. Kansas, 6. Duke, 7. Stanford, 8. Xavier, 9. Texas, 10. Wisconsin, 11. Georgetown, 12. Louisville, 13. Connecticut, 14. Butler, 15. Purdue, 16. Vanderbilt, 17. Michigan State, 18. Indiana, 19. Notre Dame, 20. Drake, 21. Marquette, 22. Gonzaga, 23. Washington State, 24. Clemson, 25. Davidson.

The current USA Today Coaches Poll is as follows: 1. North Carolina, 2. UCLA, 3. Memphis, 4. Tennessee, 5. Duke, 6. Kansas, 7. Stanford, 8. Wisconsin, 9. Texas, 10. Georgetown, 11. Xavier, 12. Butler, 13. Louisville, 14. Connecticut, 15. Purdue, 16. Vanderbilt, 17. Indiana, 18. Michigan State, 19. Notre Dame, 20. Marquette, 21. Drake, 22. Washington State, 23. Gonzaga, 24. Brigham Young, 25. Mississippi State

What do you think of the polls did your team drop to much or not move up enough?

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