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March Madness 2010 Talking Points

Talking points:
Kansas gets their 9th number 1 seed.
A lot of people taking difference with Duke getting the number 3 overall seed over Syracuse, we can see things from the tournament selections crew though. Duke scares us more than Syracuse. Number 1 seeds in order are Kansas,Kentucky,Duke, and Syracuse. We do wonder if this means the Big East won't do as well in the seeding as people expect?
The Midwest is announced and what surprises us is Northern Iowa being as low as it is. Look out for Georgia Tech to get a couple wins in this tournament. Look out for San Diego State as well. No bubble teams in this section of the bracket. Two Big Ten teams in the Midwest, not surprising. It looks like the Big East will not be getting the very high seeds people were thinking as Georgetown gets a three. It will be interesting what seed Wisconsin gets after Michigan State is a 5, are the Badgers looking at jumping them with a four or are they sliding down as far as a 7.
The suspense is on lets hope we see at least one of the bubble teams announced in the next region.
In the West Gonzaga slips to an 8 seed a little shocking.
We found a lot about the bubble with Minnesota in and maybe the big shocker Florida in at a 10 as we and a lot of others had them out.
The East is announced and Temple is a little low and Marquette is a little high.
Look out for UTEP over Butler, also look for Oakland over Pittsburgh potentially.
11th number 1 seed for Duke.
Well the Big East didn't look like it was going to be a good day after Georgetown got a 3 but they clearly got a lot of love down the stretch.
For the first two seeds in the tournament Kentucky and Kansas didn't get the easiest rounds.

We are updating the brackets as they are announced in our posts below. If anybody has any comments join the conversation on this post!


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