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March Madness First Round Schedule Thursday March 18,2010:Live Scores,Time,TV

March Madness First Round Schedule 2010
Thursday March 18, 2010
Game time (all ET),location,recaps,live and final scores on this page

All TV is CBS or DirectTV

West Regional
10 Florida vs 7 BYU (92-99)
Thursday March 18|Time 12:20|Oklahoma City
Florida vs BYU March Madness Recap
13 Murray State vs 4 Vanderbilt (66-65)
Thursday March 18|Time 2:30|San Jose, CA
Murray State vs Vanderbilt March Madness Recap
15 North Texas vs 2 Kansas State (62-82)
Thursday March 18|Time 2:40|Oklahoma City
North Texas vs Kansas State March Madness Recap
12 UTEP vs 5 Butler (59-77)
Thursday March 18|Time 4:45|San Jose,CA
UTEP vs Butler March Madness Recap

South Regional
11 Old Dominion vs 6 Notre Dame (51-50)
Thursday March 18|Time 12:25|New Orleans
Old Dominion vs Notre Dame March Madness Recap
15 Robert Morris vs 2 Villanova (70-73 OT)
Thursday March 18|Time 12:30|Providence,RI
Robert Morris vs Villanova March Madness Recap
14 Sam Houston State vs 3 Baylor (59-68)
Thursday March 18|Time 2:45|New Orleans
Sam Houston State vs Baylor March Madness Recap
10 St. Mary's vs 7 Richmond (80-71)
Thursday March 18|Time 2:50|Providence,RI
St. Mary's vs Richmond March Madness Recap

East Regional
16 East Tennessee State vs 1 Kentucky (71-100)
Thursday March 18|Time 7:15|New Orleans
East Tennessee State vs Kentucky March Madness 2010 Recap 
11 Washington vs 6 Marquette (80-78)
Thursday March 18|Time 7:20|San Jose,CA
Washington vs Marquette March Madness 2010 Recap
9 Wake Forest vs 8 Texas (81-80)
Thursday March 18|Time 9:35|New Orleans
Wake Forest vs Texas March Madness 2010 Recap
14 Montana vs 3 New Mexico (57-62)
Thursday March 18|Time 9:40|San Jose,CA
Montana vs New Mexico March Madness 2010 Recap

Midwest Regional
9 Northern Iowa vs 8 UNLV (69-66)
Thursday March 18|Time 7:10|Oklahoma City
Northern Iowa vs UNLV March Madness 2010 Recap
14 Ohio vs 3 Georgetown (97-83)
Thursday March 18|Time 7:25|Providence,RI
Ohio vs Georgetown March Madness 2010 Recap
16 Lehigh vs 1 Kansas (74-90)
Thursday March 18|Time 9:30|Oklahoma City
Lehigh vs Kansas March Madness 2010 Recap
11 San Diego State vs 6 Tennessee (59-62)
Thursday March 18|Time 9:45| Providence,RI
San Diego State vs Tennessee March Madness 2010 Recap

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