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March Madness 2011 Bracket is Shook: Ohio State vs Wisconsin

Ohio State came into Madison against the Wisconsin Badgers undefeated at 24-0 and yet they weren't favored to beat the Badgers, the reasons why were the Badgers don't loose at home and oh yes they aren't half bad themselves. If you are a normal college basketball fan that checks this site you probably watched this barn burner but for those of you who aren't we will give you the fast breakdown before we get into the real talk. Wisconsin got off to an early lead and didn't relinquish until the last play of the first half, Wisconsin built the lead through solid defense and good ball movement mixed with working the clock. In the second half Ohio State rose up to start the half with an impressive championship looking run which put them up 15. The Buckeyes built there lead by being incredibly efficient on offense, it was really quite the display inside and outside with Buford and Sullinger.

As Dicky V started to sing the OSU praises and a Badgers death march the Badgers leader Jordan Taylor took over the game. Taylor had a lot of help but in the second half he was on fire, Taylor scored 8 straight points in a flash in the middle of the second half. in all he scored 27 on the day off of 6 of 9 three point shooting and had one turnover, now that is a heck of a ball game. As the Badgers got the lead back with some great three point shooting they never let it go and the Badger fans got to rush the field of play for the second time in a season versus the Buckeyes (they did so in football as well, defeating the number 1 OSU football team).

OK a lot of you like we know already knew this part, we were going to make a long post with what this means for Wisconsin and Ohio State going forward but we decided it would get to long so we are going to give you two separate breakdowns one for the Buckeyes and one for the Badgers as they both are going to be big players in March Madness 2011.

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  1. You lose credibility when you don't use proper English. "we decided it would get TOO long so we are going........"


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