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March Madness 2011 Bracket: Ohio State Loss Impact

It finally happened the Ohio State Buckeyes lost unable to get their 25th straight win in addition to what would have been their first win in a long time in Madison. What does this mean for the 2011 March Madness bracket, our guess is likely not all that much at all. Their is no shame in loosing to a quality Badger squad in the Kohl Center where they rarely loose, in fact Ohio State in this game showed why they look to be a top contender for the Final Four at the very least. In this game Ohio State showed you five minutes of the prettiest basketball you are going to find as they started the second half, this came against a quality team that was playing hard and well. During this time Ohio State flashed their excellent smothering defense in addition to how devastating their inside outside game can be with Sullinger inside and players like Buford and Diebler. Just as in the tournament any team can loose if the other team shoots the lights out of the building from beyond the arc as the Badgers did at 12 of 24 from deep, rarely missing at all in the second half.

Lets talk about what this Ohio State team has going for it, first you have to start off with the freshman national player of the year candidate Jared Sullinger. Sullinger is just a really high quality player at a very early age. You will hear a lot of people talk about his offense and he is quite the player with great footwork and a nice inside game, in this game he scored 19 points on 7 of 12 shooting and made all 4 free throws. What we also want to tell you is a players really good defense for a freshman and most impressive in this game had only 1 fall and it was a touchy call at best.

So you ask if you are Texas, Kansas, or Pitt what else do they have well they have a whole compliment of players that play great defense and are high quality field goal shooters. When you have Sullinger and add a Buford, a Lighty, a Diebler and the other freshman Craft you are guaranteed to be in any game.

The one player we really want to highlight out of that grouping as you probably know a lot about the rest is the other freshman Aaron Craft, he had 8 points in this game and just has that look of a player that will rise up by March Madness time. Craft has the ability to provide the one thing this team maybe lacks a little and that is enough players to beat you to the hoop, Craft can do that and he is fearless.

Our fearless March Madness 2011 prediction after this game is that Ohio State should still be the number 1 team in the country and the number 1 seed in the bracket overall. We know they won't stay number 1 this week but you could make an argument they should.

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