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March Madness 2011 Prediction: Wisconsin No Fluke

The Wisconsin Badgers beat the 24-0 Buckeyes at home at the Kohl Center in a game they were actually favored in. You decided to say that is nice they win at home a lot they are always pretty decent but come March Madness 2011 they won't make noise, they aren't that great. In fact up until a couple of months ago Badger fans themselves didn't appreciate their current squad saying the program was going downhill fast with a lack of recruiting in recent years, well we are here to say is whatever you do don't sleep on the Badgers during March Madness 2011 because they can do very real damage and very well could be the best dark hoarse pick in 2011.

Why you ask, first this team has not one but to very Marquee game changing players in Jordan Taylor and Jon Leuer who are both upperclassman. Any time you have two players that can keep you in a game like these two can you have a good shot in any tournament. These two are very quietly one of the best inside outside duos in the country. Taylor in this game went off for 27 as you know and that isn't the first time he has just gone off, and as he completes maturing it is likely to happen with more regularity. Jon Leuer can hit shots both inside and outside which gives him two ways in any game to take over, plus he rarely ever misses a free throw. So two players great but that doesn't make a game changing tournament team you say, what does though is when you throw in the ability to really stroke it behind the arc at times. As they showed in this game and it wasn't just Taylor but a whole slew of players, now that makes a scary team during March Madness. As potential three point shooters who can get hot the Badgers have Taylor, Leuer, Nankivil, Gasser, Bruezewitz, Tim Jarmusz, and Rob Wilson who didn't even play. If you were paying attention one of the things you will notice is we just mentioned every player in the starting rotation. So we have three point shooting, two game changing players, and what else well we will add to that exceptional free throw shooting and they don't turn it over so it is highly unlikely to knock them off if they are up at the end of the game. We would mention that they have solid enough interior defense to keep a player like Sullinger from destroying them, a major bug a boo that befalls a lot of tournament teams. Lastly they have a lot of experienced players that have beaten teams like Duke and Ohio State, so they have gotten it done as winners.

So the Badgers actually have quite a bit going for them but why aren't they an even better team. First they really don't have enough players who can beat you off the dribble so that is a problem when the threes don't fall or when you need a last second shot to close out a game. Next while they have a lot of solid players behind Taylor and Leuer they don't have one more star which you really need to be exceptional in March Madness. The guy to watch is the triple double freshman in Josh Gasser if he gets hot in the tournament watch the heck out for Wisconsin, he very quitely had a very nice game against the Buckeyes scoring 11 on 4 of 5 shooting had one turnover and 7 rebounds. The Gasser kid is a difference maker he had a huge rebound to get their prior OT victory at Iowa State. If Gasser rises to a star level that is three stars, a lot of three point shooting and one scary team.

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