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March Madness 2011 1 Seed: Ohio State

When Ohio State destroyed Wisconsin at home they secured a March Madness 2011 1 seed, make no mistake about it. The entire basketball nation saw what the Buckeyes did to a solid Badger squad on CBS, and for all of you two seed looking to move to the one line you have one less chance because OSU is now a lock. Frankly there is no way that the Buckeyes can shoot the ball like that again probably if they played say the next 20 games versus Iowa but it doesn't matter because besides the crazy game of hoarse beyond the arc they showed why they are as close to a great team as it gets this year. Ohio State can beat you inside and outside, and as demonstrated versus WI they can play some lock down defense against top notch players. We aren't sure yet if we are picking Ohio State to win when the brackets are announced but they are a 1 seed.

The more interesting question now is how much Wisconsin drops because of this loss, are guess is quite a bit but is it fair considering it was a road game and OSU made a deal with the devil to shoot like that? On a day when in the NBA the best team record wise the Spurs managed to loose by 30 at home is it fair the Badgers might have just dropped to the 5 line for one bad game versus one of the three best teams in the country? Frankly we believe that to many people apply the physics of college football to college basketball despite the fact the season is much longer, probability wise you are more likely to have a bad loss the more games you play against solid teams.


  1. I see you don't haven't used the right "too" here either. "Frankly we believe that TOO many people apply the physics......"

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