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March Madness 2011 Bracket Predictions: BYU - Sell Now

Well we finally had BYU near the top of the March Madness 2011 bracket predictions and what happens when you buy high sometimes you get burned real bad as BYU is now a sell, sell, sell. In the world of stocks sometimes major news rocks you and then it isn't as bad as it seems and things return to normal and the sellers look like fools, and sometimes the stock circles the drain like GM and this is one of those times.

Today sophomore starting forward Brandon Davies got suspended for the season when he apparently thought all of that religion talk was just talk at BYU but they decided to make an example of him and suspend him for having sex with his girlfriend, message delivered to every Mormon in the country no doubt. Back to the basketball side of things, we didn't have to wait long to find out the impact of the suspension as they got rocked by New Mexico at home 64 to 82, yes that is the Lobos who beat BYU 86-67 at home, BYU's only other conference loss. New Mexico is getting/got it done against BYU the same way they did before by scorching the nets a thing they do against a lot of teams but without winning. Look we have to go back to what we were saying before this team just doesn't have enough besides the super star Fredette and now they really don't to be considered a top team, they are a nice team. We won't even call them a good or great team because especially after today we think you could flip a coin on a neutral site if they could beat the top 4 teams in the Big Ten or Big East.

Our new March Madness 2011 bracket prediction is that BYU is a 5 seed after being exploited in their conference tournament (remember this suspension will look like an injury in the eyes of the committee, they look at the present stock and sell as well), don't pick this team to go to the Final Four whatever you do they could but they could also fly out early it all depends on Fredette.

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