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March Madness 2011 Bracket: UCONN Seed?

UCONN lost again this time at West Virginia 56 to 65, West Virginia is 10-7 in conference and a pretty good team so a road loss could almost be expected but where does UCONN now fall into the March Madness 2011 bracket? The question is can you really drop them because of this loss which is now 3 out of their last 4, well no not really we don't think you should as they did just about as good as we could expect them to do in this game. We would have called them a 5 seed before this game and we will stay with them as a 5 seed. UCONN finishes out the regular season with a game versus Notre Dame at home, and you know what if they win that game and if no other teams pull a Texas or BYU we will still have them as a five seed because that is pretty much what they are.

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