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March Madness 2011 Predictions: Upset Picks

If you weren't following us earlier we said that March Madness 2011 will be the year of the upset so here are our early March Madness 2011 predictions for upset picks now that the bracket is finalized.

East Region:
In the first round we like Georgia over Washington, we don't even know how Georgia got as high as a 10 seed but Washington has its own issues. Yes we know Washington beat Arizona in OT to win the PAC 10 tournament but really how much does that mean this season, our wager is the SEC is better than the PAC 10.

Also in the first round you might want to go with Marquette over Xavier, even though we like Xavier Marquette can beat them and we don't see Xavier getting by Syracuse in the next round anyways.

That is all we see right now in the East, pick a lot of chalk early in this tough region.

West Region:

In the first round go ahead with Penn State over Temple as PSU just seems like a squad that wants it right now and they have a great leader in Taylor Battle.

We like Missouri over Cincinnati in a little riskier upset pick, Missouri can fill the bucket so we will have to see if Cinci can keep them in check.

If you really want to go against Duke we would suggest picking Texas to knock them off as that is the most likely scenario we see.

Southwest Region:

We will start off with Richmond over Vanderbilt as this should be a close game either way and again neither of these teams will make it past the second round anyways.

You have to ask yourself if a losing streak like what Georgetown is on is meant to be broken during March Madness we are going with the big upset pick of USC over Georgetown, and this is one fearless prediction as   USC needs to get by VCU first just to make it happen.

Southeast Region:

Now this is one tough region to pick upsets in because there are so many to choose from.

We will get it going with Utah State over Kansas State, this Utah State squad is pretty solid.

If you were listening to Seth Davis during the selection show he jumped all over Belmont over Wisconsin which is tempting based on the Badgers sorry performance last time out versus Penn State. We saw that game and Wisconsin didn't show up to start the game, our guess is that they show up enough to get past Belmont and remember they did almost win a game going 2 for 21 from three point range and they shoot way better than that normally.

Michigan State will take apart UCLA, sorry folks you got a bad draw in Michigan State. In fact we will take Michigan State over Florida in the second round as well.

Also in the second round we have St. Johns all day over BYU, those seniors at St. Johns will make some noise.

After we sit down with the brackets for another day or so we might update these March Madness 2011 predictions but for now this is how we see it.


  1. BYU is not going to lose in the second round to st. will be lucky to get out of the first round over gonzaga......BYU will upset Pitt in the elite 8 and lose to Kansas in the final 4

  2. that utah state one is good because they are deinitely better than kansas st that seeding is a little messed up

  3. Good stuff! But, lose and losing...., not loose and loosing.


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