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March Madness 2011 Second Round Picks

These are our March Madness 2011 Second Round Picks now that we have had some real time to look over the bracket, and we have tried to include our thoughts on each game. As most of you hopefully know with the expansion of March Madness the second round is basically what the first round used to be.

East Region Second Round Picks.

1 Ohio State versus 16 (Texas San Antonio or Alabama State) This is like the freebie question on a test, trust us they are harder from here. Ohio State might not win by as many as you think because they aren't that type of number 1 overall seed but they will probably still win by 25.

8 George Mason vs 9 Villanova - See things got tougher in a hurry do you take the 9th best team in the East that stumbled down the stretch or do you take a team that has won their last like 16 out of 17 games? We take George Mason this isn't their first time at the dance and we think that they are more than capable of beating a Villanova squad that has grown very used to l

5 West Virginia vs Clemson - Clemson had to win in the first round just to get a chance at West Virginia, Clemson took apart UAB 70 to 52 and we think this is going to be the game that next year people point to the play in teams might have an advantage in the second round as Clemson will stay real close with West Virginia but in the end they fall to the Mountaineers. 

4 Kentucky vs 13 Princeton - Kentucky coach John Calipari would likely be working at an Ivy League institution like Princeton if basketball was a normal school subject, but in basketball Kentucky is an Ivy League institution and Princeton is lucky to have good students sometimes. The coaching gives this game to Kentucky alone.

6 Xavier vs 11 Marquette - We really like Xavier but Marquette is a dangerous team for an 11, we doubt the Marquette players even think one bit they are an underdog. Marquette has played a tougher schedule, we go with Marquette. 

3 Syracuse vs 14 Indiana State - Welcome back to March Madness Indiana State, unfortunately you are short one all time great player to beat Syracuse, Syracuse moving on.

7 Washington vs 10 Georgia - How is Georgia even as high as a 10 seed, despite that fact we think they beat Washington as the SEC might still be a little better than the PAC 10 this season.

2 North Carolina vs 15 Long Island - North Carolina despite the setback versus Duke coming into its own as the young studs find their footing, could Long Island ever become a Cinderella school sure if they got the right NY sleeper stud but they don't have it this year. UNC moving on.

West Region March Madness 2011 Second Round Picks

1 Duke vs 16 Hampton - Finally the test maker put another easy one on here, we like the experience of Duke and then you combine that with the HOF coaching and we think that will be enough for Duke to bring down Hampton.

8 Michigan vs 9 Tennessee - Michigan will win this game, they have a great young squad going and this will be their jumping off point. Tennessee is run by a slime and they will frankly get what they deserve.

5 Arizona vs 12 Memphis - There aren't a lot of good teams in the PAC 10 and we can't even be sure that Arizona is that good of team but again we think they have better coaching which means something to us in March, so Arizona moves on but not by much.

4 Texas vs 11 Oakland - Oakland has a big 6-11 stud in Keith Benson so it is very tempting here to go for the big upset but we can't do it because we need Texas later on in our bracket. If you have Oakland nice try but do you really want to move them on past Arizona as well?

6 Cincinnati vs 11 Missouri - Missouri can score an awful lot at times, we are going with the upset here. Kind of an unusual pick for us as We do think the Big East is much better than the Big Twelve but we think Missouri might catch Cincy off guard.

3 Connecticut vs 14 Bucknell - Big time players can do a lot for a team in March, Connecticut has one of those just ask the guys in the Big East, Bucknell does not so they will go home early.

7 Temple vs 11 Penn State - Penn State has been playing really hungry of late led by the play of senior Taylor Battle, Penn State takes down Temple.

2 San Diego State vs 15 Northern Colorado - We aren't completely sold on San Diego State but we do know they are better measurably than Northern Colorado, this should be a typical game for San Diego so they move on.

Southwest March Madness 2011 Second Round Picks

1 Kansas vs 16 Boston University - Kansas is a very good team, it was nice to be reminded that Boston has a University and a College but a Boston All Star team isn't good enough in basketball to beat Kansas.

8 UNLV vs 9 Illinois - As typical this is a hard 8 vs 9 game to predict. We have to go with the team from the better conference with more solid wins and that is Illinois.

5 Vanderbilt vs 12 Richmond - Richmond has been rolling late this season, they have senior forward Justin Harper and they shoot a pretty high percentage so we are taking them in the upset. We have to be honest though part of our reasoning is Louisville will smoke either moving forward.

4 Louisville vs 13 Morehead State: Morehead State lost to Eastern Illinois this season, enough said! Louisville moving on. 

6 Georgetown vs 11 USC or VCU - We like USC over Georgetown, March Madness is no place to end an epic losing streak and Georgetown is on the wrong wave.

3 Purdue vs 14 St. Peters - Purdue is licking its wounds after to straight losses that weren't pretty but they got a good team to get their mojo back, Purdue has 2 Naismith finalists we feel that will be enough in the March Madness 2011 second round vs any 14 seed.

7 Texas A and M vs 10 Florida State - Texas A and M can't seem to beat a really good team but luckily Florida State is just the sort of average team they beat with regularity, we like Texas A and M.

2 Notre Dame vs 15 Akron - Akron hasn't played a team in the same stratosphere as Notre Dame all season,  and they haven't beaten the "quality" opponents they have faced so Mr Hansbrough and Notre Dame we will see you moving on.

Southeast Region March Madness 2011 Second Round Picks

1 Pitt vs 16 N.C. Asheville - Asheville won the play in game and that is one more win than half the teams in March Madness 2011 if not more, but they don't get another win. 

8 Butler vs 9 Old Dominion - This is a game to tune into we want to see what happens, Butler didn't look to have it this year but they have come on strong. Neither of these teams has faced quality enough competition to get a great read on them, we go with the hot team that has a really good taste in their mouth from last year, Butler moving on. 

5 Kansas State vs 12 Utah State - Utah State is a real nice solid team and they shoot the ball better, we go with Utah State in this one.

4 Wisconisn vs 13 Belmont - A lot of people are over Belmont with the upset, 13 seeds don't win very often and they usually don't beat a team with 2 Naismith Award finalists. Could Belmont win sure, but this is more of a suckers bet than an educated choice.

6 St. Johns vs 11 Gonzaga - We like all of those seniors on St. Johns to take down Gonzaga without much trouble. St. Johns hasn't been dancing in a while and Gonzaga is here every year but we are very confident Steve Lavin will have the Red Storm ready to live up to their March Madness 2011 potential.

3 BYU vs 14 Wofford - BYU is a little shorthanded but it won't matter against Wofford, it will matter in the next round though.

7 UCLA vs 10 Michigan State - UCLA drew a really bad team to draw, who wants to face MSU in March? Sure if this was a typical UCLA team this would be must see TV, but this is a UCLA squad that closely represented the rest of the averageness in the PAC 10 this season so they go down to the well prepared Spartans.

2 Florida vs 15 UC Santa Barbara - Finally another easy pick, UC Santa Barbara features junior forward Orlando Johnson and his 21.1 points per game and they could use a couple more players like him to beat Florida. Florida is our last pick to win.

Well it should be interesting to see how we do, you will notice we weren't to afraid of upsets but hopefully you don't think we went overboard. Any March Madness 2011 second round picks you really have a problem with. 

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  1. the opposite of winning is **losing** not loosing......... Come on now


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