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March Madness 2011 Championship Game: Butler vs UCONN

Who would have thought that the March Madness 2011 Championship game would feature Butler vs UCONN. While a lot of the experts and even the president picked a ton of chalk to be in the Final Four we ended up with two teams virtually nobody but their most die hard fans picked to be in the Championship game. While we predicted a lot of upsets we didn't see these two either. UCONN we liked with Walker and their defense but we thought all it would take is one off night from Walker and they would be sent packing. Butler struggled this year at times and while they finished the regular season strong that was in the Horizon League, we are all for mid-majors but that league just wasn't great this year. So how did they get here, well the simple explanation is Walker for UCONN has been outstanding and Butler while they lost there top dog from last year returned pretty much the rest of last years championship team which clearly is just a winning combination of talent overall.

So you ask what is our prediction for the March Madness 2011 Championship game, we feel that the UCONN defense is going to be to much for UCONN to overcome. Even if Butler doesn't win this game give them a ton of credit because they already have done something truly remarkable. Of course the next question is what school will Butler's coach be at next season, he can't possibly stay can he.

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