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March Madness 2012 Bracket Prediction: MSU National Champions

If you are filling out your March Madness 2012 bracket we have a prediction that will help you fill in a bunch of blanks with ease, pencil in Michigan State for being National Champions. We are not a big fan of the MSU program but they are playing undeniably the best ball the last week and will be the most well tested team coming into March Madness 2012. There also is no denying that coach Tom Izzo does his best work with a team overall in March leading several to the Final Four. We understand if you think Kentucky has to much talent but they are young and if you need something to push you over the edge just go back and compare Championship games for the Great coach Calipari versus the level of success for Izzo there actually is something to that. If that doesn't work for you think of the teams MSU played all year and then compare it to Kentucky, Big Ten versus SEC in basketball in 2012 is no contest just like the reverse of what the football folks will tell you.


  1. Hold ur horses buddy,if I'm not mistaken Marquette and Msu are both in the same conference. In ur last article u said they were a final 4team. What happened there

  2. MSU lost 2 before the Big 10 tournament (Indiana and OSU)with OSU beating them at home on senior night. They will not make the final 4 - Missouri will beat them if they don't lose earlier.

  3. So your saying that #4 seed will beat a #1 seed that has the Big Ten player of the year (Day Day or Draymond Green to the non Spartan Fan who has a great shot of being named national player of the year) and the CBS Sports Coach of the year and Big Ten coach of the year in Tom Izzo? That's ridiculous. MSU is only the 10th team in history to start the season off unranked and get a #1 Seed in the tourney. They have also had undoubtedly one of the toughest schedules in all of college hoops. Granted they lost the first 2 games to Duke (by 5 pts) and UNC (by 12 pts) but schedule those same 2 games later in the season and I would bet anything MSU wins one if not both games. Yes they blew it at Indiana but they only lost to Ohio St by 2 pts on a last second prayer shot. (I'll give credit where it's due... It was a nice shot) MSU has been to the final four 6 out of the last 12 years. Any player that has played for Izzo for all 4 years has been to the final 4. Now that being said...... Who is Missouri.

    And just a note to Dick Vitale.....Memphis Beats MSU in round 2?!? I wish MSU was a part of Conference USA, then everyone would think we were good. Oh wait. MSU plays in the Big Ten, rated the best conference in the NCAA this year, won the Big Ten tournament, and took a piece if the Big Ten Championship. Oh and we beat Ohio State 2 out of 3, beat Wisconsin 3 times. Yeah we had some off games Cahill doesn't. (Florida State heats Duke at Duke) So Mr Vitale, I think you are a very knowledgable individual when it comes to college hoops but really, Memphis over MSU in rd 2? I think you're freaking nuts BABY!!!!!

    The funny thing too is I grew up near E Lansing, moved to Memphis in 2004, graduated from Memphis in 2010, but have never become a Tiger.

    Bleed Green and Sparty On!!!!


    1. Hey mark, next time use less words. I started to read it then I fell asleep

    2. Oh I'm sorry. Did I use too many big words for you?

    3. No u technically put me to sleep:)


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